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Venecia Land & Cattle

Ground Beef SOLD OUT!

Ground Beef SOLD OUT!

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10 LB minimun in the RGV/Coastal Bend (Free Delivery) 20 LB minimun to ship in Texas (Free Shipping) 20 LB minimun to ship outside Texas (we pay 1/2 of shipping)

• 100% of Robust, Juicy Ground Beef (90-10% lean)

• Organic. GMO-free. Antibiotic-free

Our GROUND BEEF offers significant savings compared to buying local
grocery store products. Whether you like to keep your freezer stocked or you
want to spend less money on high-quality, 100% Grass Fed/Grass Finished,
Pasture Raised on Native Grass, you’re getting a bargain.
At Venecia Land & Cattle, we’re committed to providing our customers with the
highest quality of healthy, delicious, and sustainable meat. Our animals are raised
in a stress-free environment on native grass pastures that prioritize their welfare
and environment. 

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