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Stop wasting your time and gas going to the grocery store - no more sleepless nights trying to figure out what's for dinner! With this CUSTOM CUT 1/2 COW you have several options for dinner! This bundle includes some of our most popular cuts of 100% Pasture Raised/Native Grass-Fed Beef. Our cattle are raised on regenerative pastures without hormones, antibiotics, or additives.

Organic. GMO-free. Antibiotic-free.


Our CUSTOM CUT 1/2 COW offers significant savings compared to buying local grocery store products. Whether you want to keep your freezer stocked or spend less on high-quality, 100% pasture-raised/Native Grass-Fed Beef, you’re getting a bargain.

At Venecia Land & Cattle, we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of healthy, delicious, sustainable meat. Our animals are raised in a stress-free environment on native grass pastures that prioritize their welfare and environment. 

Customers will receive a Butcher's Custom Cut Sheet to

select your desired cuts/sizes 

A Half Cow will generally be 200 lbs of beef at $8.15 per lb


*Cuts included may vary slightly from month to month.

Shipping: Your Pasture Raised/Native Grass-Fed Beef Box will be shipped with dry ice and insulated packaging to keep your beef frozen. We partner with FedEx to deliver your order.

Packaging: All cuts are individually vacuum sealed and labeled.

Freezer Space: Your CUSTOM CUT 1/2 COW will require 20 cu ft. 

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